Saturday, September 30, 2006

Expired domain names and expired domain name traffic

It is important to inexpensively obtain the automated tools required to track the thousands of domain name registration and abandoned websites that are removed from the domain registry and become available for purchase.
Expired domain registration and the expired domain name traffic associated with them have been only available to those who had an automated system and tools.Now. Automated tools and resources are available for identifying.
Appraising and even buying these domain names on autopilot.Expired domain names are those that had previously been registered to another owner.
These domain name registration are available to the open market because of non-payment of the domain name renewal fees. Such domain names are returned to the open market about forty-five days after the expiration date.
Many domain names even point to fully functioning websites while many are registered for speculation.
These names are registered by speculators in the hope of obtaining a profit on the resale of the domain name.Numerous other domain names are registered for website development.

Friday, September 29, 2006

The money is in the list

There are many different ways to generate leads. Some companies will even give you leads for free when you join their corporation. The problem with free leads like this is that they can be old and possibly untargeted. Of the hundreds of numbers I was given a large number were disconnected or a wrong number.
Even more had no idea where I could have gotten their name from. As you can imagine these leads were no where near as great as they had been made out to be.If you want fresh leads. You'd better have an amazing sales pitch and be prepared to follow up with these leads if you expect to make your money back.
Hopefully a profit.What if you don't have the money to purchase quality leads. Numbers and email addresses have been given away for free all over the place? There is an easier way to build you list. Now before you say these sites are useless. Of course these sites are worthless if you're posting to them. On the side of your primary business.

Immediate increase in your website traffic

I'll let you in on a secret that has helped me make many sales and build large lists very quickly with zero cash up-front: it's called "OPT" (Other People's Traffic).Other website operators have the targeted website visitors you need right now - you just have to convince them to funnel some of it your way. Your mission is to find people who can refer you their traffic either for a percentage of the sale. I only pay when a sale is made and. That's the whole idea behind a successful affiliate program.The quickest way to find people who can refer you traffic is to take inventory of whom you know. If you have a website that sells fishing lures. Etc.Get the picture?Once you have exhausted the list of people you know. "fishing trips" and related keywords to your site to find others who already have the traffic you need. Who don't directly compete with you.Try to work all your agreements on a traffic trade or per-sale basis first so you won't have to pay any cash out of pocket until after a sale is made.If you don't have any traffic to trade. With this structure you only pay for performance and don't waste any money on advertising that doesn't directly result in bringing visitors to your site.You have 3 main choices for funneling another site's traffic to yours: endorsed mailings. Endorsed MailingsEndorsed mailings are by far the best way to funnel traffic from another site. A well-written endorsement letter by a website operator who already has a relationship with people who can buy from you is often worth its weight in gold. Make sure your pop-up windows are relevant to exactly what visitors came to your site for in the first place!My experiments have shown that a "pop-under" works best. This is where your website pops behind the other person's page. " pop *under* the 7 Day eBook site.When the visitor is finished viewing the main page and closes it... your page is right there!TIP: For maximum sales. Make sure that your page is closely related to the page that is referring traffic to you.3. Link TradesThe next way to funnel traffic from other sites is using "Reciprocal Links" - which is a fancy way of saying trading links with someone. Make sure you negotiate a high profile spot for your link on the other person's site.Creativity is key when negotiating with other websites to steer some or all of their traffic your way. Show them how sending you traffic will make them money through affiliate commissions.

What is eCommerce?

There are popular slang terms such as ebusiness. They are all basically the same thing. It all comes back to the same principle: selling online.So how do you know if selling online will be beneficial for your business? There are a few basic questions that can help you with this decision. This is especially true in regards to eCommerce because people will not purchase from your Web site if it looks amateur and is poorly done.Custom developed eCommerce sites can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Another benefit of a program like this is whereas a Yahoo or eBay store may be less expensive to get going. An option like the Marketplace provides a great starting place with unlimited building potential and growth.After the cost issue is addressed. Are any of your competitors selling online? Have a brainstorming session and try to think of any logical reasons why they aren’t. Could it be that they tried and failed or is it that they just haven’t thought about selling online yet? One key to remember is that once you make the decision to sell online. Your product and pricing is now available 24/7 to anyone that stumbles upon your site.After evaluating your competitor’s Web sites.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is this a cause for concern? For these are not only affiliate programs.

Is this a cause for concern? For these are not only good ideas. There are no guarantees of success. These simple steps are certainly contributing factors.1. Simply leave your sales page the way it is except for removing the order links. If your product is an ebook. Are there affiliate links in the text that your subscribers can replace with their own?Here’s what will happen if you give your subscribers a huge incentive to share your product with others:A. The more people will get your product. These could be other products you are selling. Let your joint venture partners place promotional copy in their newsletters (and maybe even on their websites) and have their subscribers download it from a different address than usual. The product downloaded from this second link can be branded with your joint venture partner’s affiliate links!They will have the potential to earn twice. Say your first product was only converting at half a percent.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Increase your internet income with affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing will give the product or service the maximum exposure that it may not get with other traditional advertising techniques.

Affiliate marketing, simply said, is a relationship or agreement made between two websites, with one site being the merchant’s website and the other being the affiliate’s site.

Being an affiliate marketer is great for those who want build a theme site.

Affiliate networks are growing by leaps and bounds, this trend is expected to continue.

Affiliate Program Directories are a good source for finding affiliate programs. There are several sites on the Internet dedicated to listing affiliate Programs.

Affiliate program networks are convenient and great to use – do your research before diving in head first, and your affiliate program will be a success!

Affiliate business the great way to profit from your Blog

"Text Ad Programs" like Affiliate Power Ads or Google Adsense are yet Another great way to profit from your Blog.

When you join an affiliate program, you are assigned a tracking number or code, usually referred to as an affiliate ID.

Sign up with various affiliate programs that YOU have reason to like. What's the point of putting banners from only one affiliate if nobody is going to click them?

Affiliate Programs prefer presold visitors to the affiliate programs of merchants who sell related goods or services to your theme.

The fastest way to make a fortune online involves persuading other people to sell your product or service for you as an affiliate.

As with any marketing venture, you need to be careful in the selection of an affiliate program.
Be prompt in answering any queries from affiliate partners or customers, especially when these are about your products or services.